Inspiration Endgame

It’s really rare: I fell in love with this Canadian TV series in about a second. I did not know that the story and humour would be great – it was the visual appearance that was right up my alley. If there’s any chance you can try “Endgame”, give it a shot. It’s available on Hulu, and you’ll love it.


This is a short review of the tool “PhotoBatch” by Metakine. It’s a tiny mac application that can be used for very rudimentary batch processing on pictures, like resizing, contrast/saturation adjustments, and file renaming. It also crops, rotates and resizes pictures, as well as file conversions.

So from the technical fact sheet it looks nifty and useful, especially if you’re not the guy who does all that by using ImageMagick from the command line. The user interface is clean and understandable.

If that’s all you need: give it a try. It has a 100 picture trial phase. After that you’ll need to register and pay ~12€ for it.

My personal decision: it’s not what I need. I do all these processes via Adobe Lightroom. I was hoping to add value on top of that, like custom watermarking that’s a pain to configure with Lightroom.


Old postcard
Oh, this one I have been waiting for. I remember when I was playing with my Lomo LC-A ages ago: it was always great to have these non-perfect randomly changed pictures. And when the first mobile phone cameras came out I knew: we need a “Lomo” app for those shabby camera phones.

Fast forward to today: we now have Hipstamatic, Instagram, and many more. Image manipulation with preset filters in any shapes are defacto standard.

PhotoStyler from Neatberry is exactly that app. You can use pre-set filters, make your own, and you can also do batch processing. That’s GREAT!

It’s available on the Mac App store or from their Web site for ~30€.