A tango couple, torn between taking the red or blue pill. Inspired by the Matrix movie. Generated by DALL-E3.

One of the blog posts that I personally am still searching for is the last post of the series “The tango matrix”, where the author spills secrets of “what really is happening at the milonga, and once you know that, you can never go back”.

The series was written by Dave Donatiu (can’t find a current link for him anymore, but many interesting things he has done or written!) sometime in 2009. I found a reference to it in my old blog on archive.org:

He countered with, “I want you to think carefully about the possibility that a Tango Matrix exists. Knowing the truth of what really goes on in your world of Tango will change your Tango world and life.”

from “Part 1 – Red Pill” of Dave Donatiu’s Tango Matrix series of blog posts.

He goes on and teasers the secrets of tango, life, and the universe. Many questions that have been asked before and after. Does anyone have any answers?

However, Ulysses put forth the following – What if in taking the red pill you could find out:

  • What is behind mens’ and womens’ choices of who they dance with
  • Why there are cliques
  • Why you and so many people are drawn to Tango
  • Why many will never get much better in Tango
  • How you could get really good
  • What men and woman really want
  • What most people believe about Tango that is false, but do not realize is true of Tango
  • You can’t share the Tango Matrix because you will piss a lot of people off, and they will not like you, not dance with you, nor hire you
  • What you are personally lacking in social skills
  • You will have to face ugly truths about yourself
  • More than half of the magic, joy and pleasure of Tango will disappear, possibly for good
  • And the worst possible thing- you may become so turned off to Tango, that you give it up and find that you’ve wasted a lot of time and money
The essential questions of tango?

Most of the links below are from archives of the timeline, and they are reverse chronological. Please scroll to the right place if you want to read them in sequence.

The posts are titled

Part 1- Red Pill?
Part 2- Deeper Truth,
Part 3- Neo’s Incessant Inkling,
Part 4- Cubic Centimeter of Chance,
Part 5- Blue Pill
Part 6 – Which is the Dream?
Part 7 – Unplugged
Part 8 – Highs and Lows
Part 9 – The Oracle
Part 9.5 – Living between the tango beats, the observations “after falling out of the Matrix”.
Part 10, the recap, which had broken links to the lost pages.

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