Guestlist Manager

Start Year: 2024

TanGRM – Tango Guestlist and Registration Manager

Start Year: 2024

Daniel de Kay Photography

I specialize in photography of tango dancers, usually at events where a diverse mix of international dancers attend.

Start Year: 2010

Tango Marathon Organizer Handbook

Resources for organizers of tango marathons to make better marathons. Checklists and Ideas for many topics, from registration to setup of the event.

Start Year: 2018 End Year: 2020

AI generated tango visuals

This project, for me, is an exploration into what is currently possible, finding and pushing the limits of the AI. When is tango in a generated image still tango, and when is it only the aftertaste of cliché?

Start Year: 2023


“Let’s ditch Facebook and build a TangoVerse in the #Freeweb, #indieweb or #fediverse”.

Start Year: 2024

RNT – Rhein-Neckar-Tango

The regional milonga calendar for my home regions

Start Year: 2007

TMD – Tango Marathon Directory

A directory of events for traveling dancers, with a focus on Tango Marathons, Encuentros, and Milonga Weekends, but also Tango Festivalitos and Festivals.

Start Year: 2009


TangoMeta is a project to create a wiki for tango that covers “what is happening in and around the tango community”. Who is doing what? Projects, Initiatives, People.

Start Year: 2020