Project Meta

Start Year: 2023

I am fascinated by generative AI and what it can do. Text-2-Img generators are very quickly evolving, but they still have a weakness, when it comes to arms and hands, and specifying how two people interact.

This project, for me, is an exploration into what is currently possible, finding and pushing the limits of the AI. When is tango in a generated image still tango, and when is it only the aftertaste of cliché?

How to get AI to generate a tango dancing couple?

Admit it: if you are a tango dancer, you have tried it. And failed to create something interesting. Usually there are issues with everything that makes tango interesting: the embrace (position, heads, arms, hands), the expressions, the pose. The AI reproduces stereotypes mostly, and doesn’t understand hands and basic dance anatomy. However, with some seed…

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