Once upon a time there was this great tango blog, but… I can’t find it anymore. It has been abandoned by its owner, and the content is lost forever.

Wait, don’t we have https://archive.org for cases like this? Yes, and no. Content is not automatically archived. Someone needs to start the archival process.

Let’s make sure that tango blogs are not forgotten.

I have just started to write a Python script that can trigger archival for the blogs mentioned on TangoMetaWiki (more specifically in the List of tango blogs). It’s not running fully yet, but at least it is checking the thousands of blog posts on that list for the existence of an archive. Looks like about half of those has already been crawled. My original idea was running the script every year or so, as part of “tango cultural heritage housekeeping”, but it looks like that might not be needed, as archive.org does a whole lot of things already, and keeps going back to these blogs or other pages.

PS: updated this post’s last paragraph to indicate that the whole process of archiving has not been started by my script yet.

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